C L E A R I N G, Brooklyn 

May 1 – June 17, 2018

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Harold Ancart’s horizon line is limitless. It extends through numerous paintings, photographs, sculptures, and drawings in an inexhaustible exploration of painterly space and color. Though Harold Ancart’s new paintings are gurative, they may also be among his most abstract. In his work, subject matter serves as an alibi for the paint to be pushed into the canvas, says the artist. Once again the paintings reveal a series of images that are connected to a delirious longing for escape, or connectivity to one’s place. Ancart has pared down his imagery to elemental forms while amplifying scale and tonality. Clouds, res, icebergs, and imposing ora are the identi able shapes he uses to strip landscape painting down to its rudiments. The irreducible qualities of painting, and of drawing, have long been Ancart’s driving concern. Ancart fuses the techniques of both, creating radiant compositions that recall the most animate works of the Color Field painters, while extending their delicate minimalism into an exuberant vision.


Ancart recognizes an unquenchable search for a kind of Eden, or escape, as a constant feature of our imaginations. This vast collective ideal is the setting for Harold’s new paintings, in which he discovers the possibilities for transformative experience are not just out “there”, but here, in the arena of painting.

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