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From March 17 to July 1st, Istituto Svizzero in Rome presents Stockage, a solo show by John M Armleder. The exhibition takes place in the spaces of the piano nobile of Villa Maraini and contains a series of works crossing the long career of the Swiss artist, as well as several site-specific pieces.


"In the neo-Renaissance rooms of Villa Maraini, home of the Swiss Institute of Rome, John M Armleder plays with our expectations of painting and decorative. The artist declines a series of motifs into the spaces left free from the colored architectural excesses of the late nineteenth century. The public will easily identify two still life, a memento mori, a genre painting with dancers, a representation of celestial constellations, a chandelier fell to the ground, the evocation of a tapestry and a series of mirrors, while on two openly fake partitions that make a counterpoint to the rhythm of the architecture, two murals and two huge black and bronze paintings are unfolded.

The exhibition allows to read the continuos funambulism of John M Armleder who is still filled with questions concerning painting. He, who sought through Fluxus, a supreme activation of the pictorial tradition’s protocols, who boosted the modern dream by revealing it in its more widespread forms. The artist, who has connected with delicacy and humor, the Classics wonders to the enunciation of radical abstraction, leads us once again into a cheerful mixing of genres. Through accumulation, John M Armleder remember us that in the history of forms, everything is, as in storage area, at our own arrangement and that this area is also our". Samuel Gross

Stockage by John M Armleder
Istituto Svizzero, Rome
Through July 1st

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