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Sama Abdulhadi, aka SAMA, is a 27-year old Palestinian DJ and producer who brought minimal techno to the West Bank. From the 2000s on, she frequented the Ramallah hip-hop scene, rapping and break-dancing, before starting to scratch with passion to records brought from Jordan and after she witnessed professional techno DJs in Beirut. In 2006 she started to DJ at parties in Ramallah and later to produce her own house and electronic music. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering and Music Production from S.A.E. in London, and working as an audio engineer, she moved to Cairo where she worked as a music producer, audio trainer, and sound designer on several movies, and got deep in the underground Cairo music scene. Sama has released two albums, Life’s Pace, and Quantum Morphosis, under her previous moniker Skywalker, and has both an upcoming EP and an album that should be out soon. She was recently awarded by the French Institute a six-month residency at the International Cité des Arts in Paris.

Rennes, le 9 décembre 2017. SAMA, portrait. Photo: Samuel Kirszenbaum

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