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"At the heart of my work is the idea of presence – what is life, how does it manifest and how far can we push the borders of what to ‘live’ orto ‘exist’ mean?"


Marguerite Humeau has produced an entire series of new work for the project; a physical and sensory experience at the crossroads between research and fiction. Myths, speculations and fantasies are at the heart of Marguerite Humeau’s artwork. The development of each project includes a phase of extensive research and collaboration with numerous specialists and scientists. Therefore, as part of her long-term project, The Opera of Prehistoric Creatures (2012), Marguerite Humeau has met palaeontologists, zoologists, veterinarians, engineers, explorers, surgeons, doctors and radiologists with the aim of reviving the songs of ancestral animals, such as the mammoth. "It always starts with a mystery. My research process is for me a bit like a performance: I become a heroine on a quest to resurrect prehistoric creatures, to communicate with alien beings, to revive extinct languages from Cleopatra’s times ... like an Indiana Jones in Google times." The sculptures she then created by reconstructing the larynx using Plexiglas tubes and latex membranes, use sound to set in motion a remarkable journey through time immemorial. Marguerite Humeau re-enacts the origin of life and the development of conscious life forms in an ominous atmosphere.

The space has been conceived as a "biological showroom", inspired by industrial stands of demonstration and exhibition. The floor of the gallery space is covered with a carpet dyed using pigments that reproduce the chemical components of the human being and Datura, a plant associated with original sin. Marguerite Humeau uses it here to convoke the idea of a liquefied or poisoned human body, alluding to the so-called scientific theory of "primordial soup", linked to the emergence of the first living organisms. The fruit of the artist’s collaboration with linguists and palaeontologists, a polyphonic choir re-enacts the precise moment when a gene - named FOxP2 - mutated, allowing the vocal cords of the chimpanzee to develop and express themselves in an articulate language; the source of our humanity. Finally, through research and discussions with several specialists, Marguerite Humeau has imagined a uchronia, in which giant elephant would dominate the planet if Homo sapiens had not existed. with the idea of artificially creating conscious creatures (conscious of themselves), endowed with emotions, she has placed several sound sculptures at the heart of the exhibit. Made from very fine polyurethane foam and almost 3 meters high, the sculptures are positioned on metal structures.

Palais De Tokyo, Paris
Through September 11

Der Tank of the Art Institute, Basel
For her first exhibition in France, Wu Tsang has transformed Lafayette Anticipations into a hybrid space that summons the worlds of the night and the sacred. Through this metamorphosis, the visitor is immersed in a mysterious atmosphere where recent and earlier works by the American artist are brought together.
Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon
JTT, New York
Édouard Montassut, Paris
Avant-Garde Institute, Warsaw
Cabinet, London
carlier | gebauer, Berlin