Neolithic Sunshine

Clima Gallery, Milan

Nov 22 – Jan 24, 2019

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The far away and extraordinary moment when in an undefined place and man invented music, it’s for us, third millennium people, an indecipherable mystery.

In the beginning it was sound.

From the great Bang generator of the Universe to the divine whiffle creator of life, from the thunder carrier of fire to the strokes moulding the instruments that secured survival, any act is the generator of a sound act.

Our ancestors’ unheard harmonies, produced blowing into now extinct animal bones, emerge in our time through technique, allowing to recreate those instruments starting from scans of fossils up to the 3D printedreproductions.

The futuristic come back of what was lost in time, in opposition to the chronological linearity of history, invites to look without nostalgia, with pure contemplation, at the perfection of a cyclical time that, bending under the effect of physical laws, makes possible the simultaneous coexistence of many presents.


Photos by Marco Davolio

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