Meriem Bennani
Party on the CAPS

C L E A R I N G, New York

September 11 – October 27, 2019

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Press Release


Ok Mom. So you’re going to play yourself, but as if you existed inside the world of the CAPS. You don’t really have to be in character. I wrote this monologue for your interview scene that we’re going to shoot at the pharmacy. It’s just there to give you ideas but you don’t have to stick to any script as long as you make us believe you’re on the CAPS island in the future.

Ok I understand.
But you won’t ask me to do this in front of my customers, right ?

We can do it in your of ce in the back but I’d like some shots of you in front of the pharmacy and stuff. Is that cool ?

Inshallah. Read the stuff now I’m listening.

Reading Amal’s monologue
“So yeah, I get paid in dollars, because I work for the American Troopers.. this is basically their pharmacy.
My guilty pleasure is to buy m&ms, and you need American dollars for that.
All drugs are imported from the US, I’m a government employee in some ways, that’s how I was able to pay for my mom’s age reversal. Local businesses are everywhere though. We make everything here, we have our own phones, many local products and everything is under the Croco brand.
Check this out, that’s a CAPS exclusive, we can pay each other in a wink, so you never know who’s flirting and who’s wiring you money.”

What’s this winking thing I don’t get it.

The winking thing is like.. remember I told you it’s the future and their phones are in their eyes? So like they can text and stuff in a wink. Or send each other money.

Ok. But you know I’ll never remember all these details!

Don’t worry I’ll be reminding you what’s important to say as we go, we won’t shoot it all at once. Also I want you to say it in your own words. You can improvise.

Ok Ok keep going.

“At first I was ashamed to work for the US and have been trained by them.. but the people who come to me on a daily basis are so relieved to con de in me and open up about their health issues that I feel like I’m doing the right thing.”

I know where you got this !

I know mom.. it’s all inspired by the stuff you tell me. Where was I..
“Troopers don’t understand post teleportation interception bodies. They look at us getting by, looking ok enough, they don’t see the trauma within us, it’s too deep for their eyes.
At first I received many threats, I knew they came from this jealous Tunisian girl, the one who inherited her mom’s plastic face syndrome. But she doesn’t scare me, and the Troopers don’t scare me either. Being here is a punishment for them too honestly, that’s why they make our lives so terrible. They’ve been intercepting our teleportations for 3 generations, you think they did any research on these interceptions’ impact on our bodies ? When you teleport, your body disassembles at the quantum level, can you imagine the violence of being arrested in such a messy state ? We have one or two medications for this, like this ointment, let me show you. This thing helps your skin cells recover their pre-teleportation state. But it’s only cosmetic. You have no idea how many hunger strikes we went on to get this manufactured. There are more and more plastic face syndromes around because of the quality of the food. We seriously eat like dogs, but at least we have it better than the first generation now that we know how to desalinate ocean water. We still mostly get our proteins from crocodile meat, some small reptiles, clams and some lost sh that made it past the magnetic eld.
Anyways, I get carried away... Tomorrow we party, we celebrate a very special occasion. It my mom’s 80th birthday and her rejuv’ was a success, she looks 22 again, an age where she still lived in Morocco. I won’t lie, her skin is tighter than mine and that kinda stresses me out but I can’t wait for her to show it off in the sexy dress I got her for tomorrow. I ordered all green catering like a good CAPSYA, a band that plays as if they left home yesterday and the best MC in town.
This is how we party on the CAPS.”

How are you gonna get grandma to look 22 ?

I won’t, I’ll get a young cousin to play her.

You’re crazy.
Anyways, I already know what I’ll do with my hair.


Courtesy the artist and C L E A R I N G, New York, Brussels

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