Metamorphosis Overdrive
Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen
March 7 – September 6, 2020

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Press Release

Transformations of machines and other tools play a central role in our collective imagination. The exhibition Metamorphosis Overdrive investigates the changes and transformations of elemental and technical forms and their significance in the present moment. The artistic positions question singular objects on their actual representation value and analyze the new boundaries of sculpture from a technical and receptive point of view. Eight international artists present works that transform absurd forms into strange but familiar arrangements. They represent a prototypical aesthetic of sculpture in which everyday forms become visionary sculptures.

A car headlight suddenly assumes a face and seems to look at the viewer. The boundaries between human and machine, life and mechanical functioning are becoming blurred. Metamorphosis Overdrive focuses on this ambivalent and at the same time symbiotic relationship.

The exhibition examines our consumer society’s obsession with objects, questions their appeal, and reveals their potential for frustration. Despite their cool aesthetic and standardized, industrial appearance, the sculptures establish an emotional and poetic relationship with the viewer. For Camille Blatrix, for example, this dynamic of attraction and repulsion is what is fascinating: “All subjects, even technical objects, are about emotion. For example, iPhones are super scary, but at the same time, super sexy. I’m interested in this contrast.”

Artists: Camille Blatrix, Timothée Calame, Rä Di Martino, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Yngve Holen, Diego Perrone, Ilona Ruegg and Guan Xiao.

Camille Blatrix, Fra Francesca, 2019, Foto : Sebastian Stadler 
Timothée Calame, Mobilier/Documentaire - Pupuces (Elegie), Mobilier/Documentaire – GenferGuru, Mobilier/Documentaire - Masculine Hard Soles & Kibbutzniks Junior, 2020, Photo: Sebastian Stadler 
Guan Xiao, Lulubird slowly dipped her tongue into the ice cream, waited until it started buzzing, 2020, Photo: Sebastian Stadler 
Simon Dybbroe Møller, Video, 2020, Photo: Sebastian Stadler 
Rä di Martino, Afterall, 2019, Photo: Sebastian Stadler 
Diego Perrone, Untitled, 2018, Photo: Sebastian Stadler 

Featured image
Metamorphosis Overdrive, Installation view Kunstmuseum St.Gallen, Photo: Sebastian Stadler

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