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Mortadella is a product composed by various kinds of pig meet, chopped and pressed together in three steps; subsequently, fat cubes and spices are added in order to achieve a sweeter flavour and a unique taste. Various kinds of meet, therefore, are put together and the result is unique, homogeneous, compact. This is the premise that originates Mortadella, a collaboration between Vin Vin, Vienna and Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome.

Karoline Dausien work, realized with leather, plastic materials, ceramics, etc., often contains drawings that actually become three dimensional objects, with a purely sculptural dignity to them. We could define Dausien a “non-research” artist, according to how accidentally / casually the objects, motives and subjects flow into her practice; and the viewer is free to see in that elements a sharp message, a narrative, or simply a humouristic, non-sense attitude.

From Dausien’s humoristic faces and surrealistic motives to the drawings represented by Martinussen on the coffee machines, to the use itself of the coffee machines, the two practices of Dausien and Martinussen are linked by a sharp and conscious sense of humour, never as an end in itself. Joakim Martinussen used professional coffee machines for this project, where the interesting aspect is the mix between the machines aesthetic sharpness with gestural interventions on them that are less sharp and precise; we could define it a “home-made” industrial aesthetic.

Also in Thea Moeller practice there is a strong interest in industrial and post-consumer materials but with a different perspective, more rough: rooftop/tar sheets, bitumen, rubber, foil, liquids, wood, concrete, foam, often are used as found objects, as they are, without any intervention and Moeller explores the common qualities of the materials and the related possibilities to associate them and put them together.

Mortadella by Karoline Dausien, Joakim Martinussen, Thea Moeller.
Curated by Vincenzo Della Corte.
In collaboration with Vin Vin Vienna

Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome
Through April 14

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