L’ ennemi de mon ennemi 

Curated by Guillaume Désanges
with Marilou Thiébault and Noam Segal

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

February 16 – May 13, 2018

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L’Ennemi de mon ennemi is a project by Neïl Beloufa, commissioned by Palais de Tokyo. It consists of a scenographic dispositive that represents a chaotic and fragmented vision of the ways in which history is written and in which power is legitimized in the contemporary era.
Drawing inspiration from official communication, memorials, museums of war, and political propaganda as well as contemporary events, advertising, and video games, the exhibition explores the interchangeability of strategies and discourses. In doing so, it plays upon the permanent ambiguity between good and evil, heroes and villains, postures and impostures.
The scenographic dispositive, specially created by the artist for this exhibition, integrates works of art, documents, images, artefacts, reproductions and objects that are constantly moved around by robotic elements according to an algorithmic programme. The dispositive thus allows for a constant reappraisal of possible associations, perspectives and meanings.


After Les inoubliables prises d’autonomie in 2012, L’ennemi de mon ennemi is Neïl Beloufa’s second exhibition at Palais de Tokyo. This project offers a new means of apprehending the work of this young artist who has continuously questioned his own artistic practice as well as his means of production.

With: Anahi Alviso-Marino, Camille Blatrix, Barbara Bloom, Gregoire Beil, Johannes Büttner, Colectivo Acciones de Arte, Ellen Cantor, Grégoire Chamayou, Gustave Courbet, Christian Courrèges, Louis-Auguste Déchelette, Eversim (France), Jean-Luc Godard, ECPAD - Établissement de Communication et de Production Audiovisuelle de la Défense (Ivry-sur-Seine), Massimo Grimaldi, Thomas Hirschhorn, Holy Defense Museum (Téhéran, Iran), Alfred Janniot, Jon Kessler, Elizabeth Lennard, Vann Nath, National Army Museum (Londres, Royaume-Uni), Katja Novitskova, Pablo Picasso, Sigmar Polke, William Pope L., Hito Steyerl, Joseph Tchaïkov…


Courtesy of the artist and Balice Hertling Gallery (Paris)
Photos by Aurélien Mole © ADAGP, Paris 2018

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