Nov 17 – Feb 24, 2019

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Pakui Hardware is interested in the close relationship between materiality, technology and economies. Central to their work is the question as to how far technology actually does alter economics and our physical perception of reality. They investigate questions of automation, robotics, synthetic biology and the significance of new materials. The artist duo produces sculptures and installations suffused with various materials, images, and shapes, which are often reminiscent of futuristic or biological settings. Here, fabric and material produced by technology encounter transparent, ephemeral materials; they determine the equally organic and synthetic appearance of their objects and spatial installations.

The exhibition Extrakorporal immerses the viewer in a Petri dish, or perhaps in a shamanistic realm? Here, organs and tissues grow outside bodies, the future behavior of which is still a matter for speculation. Turritopsis jellyfish and sea-urchin larvae alike are examined cell by cell in an attempt to track down the recipe that makes them immortal. Seemingly familiar yet elusive objects are suspended in space and appear to evoke the inexplicable energies of self-rejuvenation, and they are reminiscent of ritualistic masks. They resemble trophies gained by extracting the essence of the life and, hence, of the immortality these sea creatures possess.

SpazioA, Pistoia
Over the past 24 months, Cécile B. Evans’ work has been devoted to the realization of a multidirectional project entitled Amos’ World, a fictional television show set in a socially progressive housing estate. Château Shatto, Los Angeles
In Prologue, Mesquita defines the event that shapes the narrative of the project. Kunsthalle Lissabon's underground exhibition space is completely transformed from an architectural point of view. In the center of the exhibition the marble floor collapsed completely giving way to a large cavity. Kunsthalle Lissabon
T293, Rome
Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome
Cabinet, Milan
High Art, Paris