EXILE, Berlin

April 27 – June 2, 2018

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Dear Visitor,

self-reflection, or the contemplation of our inner state, may seem to be a preppy practice of detachment for the most average person imaginable.

Though somehow, to reach the divine level of self-reflection is difficult and unlikely in this world: A world where constructing and consolidating comfort is what interactions within society are essentially based on. Facing comfort can be an encounter of high gravity – and of great boredom.

Most humans are forced into the deepest state of self-reflection when arriving from a different world, sphere or community, finding themselves in an under-privileged position. Caught in there, they are forced to reconsider the value they embody and represent.

The exhibition combines self-made paintings and vintage posters of political and social demands. Together they turn into metaphors for the struggle of self-determination, that existential exercise that paves the consciences of our time.

Here, and at some point, this question might rise: Is there any other event beyond the exhibition that could retaliate the relation of truth and nature for us as a radical force of togetherness and singularity?


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