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For Pel, Zoe Williams’ second solo show at Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris, the London-based artist has created a new moving-image work and a soundtrack that give the title to the exhibition. The piece is intended to function as a texture of sensual experience, conveying eroticism, anxiety and nausea; it evokes the paranoid eye of a late night encounter or the fitful scanning of unobtainable items in a jewelry store window. Williams is fascinated by the intimacy of delicate and precious things: gems and tiny artifacts are transfigured by the artist through the use of the macro lens. The viewers are invited to watch the film amongst furs and cigarettes on a blue carpet, accompanied by a mix of strong perfume, cognac and slowly souring cream. Williams’ works address ideas of seduction, sensuality and transgression; with Pel Williams creates a tension between the polarities of the animate and the inanimate, the seductive and the repulsive, examining contemporary notions of taste, sexuality and beauty. The soundtrack for Pel is a new commission from London-based musician and artist Jack Brennan.

Pel by Zoe Williams
Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris
Through January 21

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, artists like Cézanne and Matisse took up this motif to express evolving notions about the body, changing ideas about pleasure, one’s relationship to nature, and how the longing for the new (in art) potentially renews a broader and more inclusive understanding of what it means to live with or against societal changes. Greene Naftali, New York
Antoine Levi, Paris
Galerie Perrotin, Paris
Peres Projects, Berlin
(MERIEM) Ok Mom. So you’re going to play yourself, but as if you existed inside the world of the CAPS. You don’t really have to be in character. I wrote this monologue for your interview scene that we’re going to shoot at the pharmacy. It’s just there to give you ideas but you don’t have to stick to any script as long as you make us believe you’re on the CAPS island in the future (...) At C L E A R I N G, New York
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