Zabludowicz Collection Annual Commission

September 20 – December 16, 2018 

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Rachel Maclean has rapidly established herself as one of the most distinctive creative voices in the UK. Creating baroque, hyperreal worlds using green-screen video and computer animation Maclean spins razor-sharp fables that combine comedy and horror. Her work offers a powerful critique of contemporary society and its underlying fears and desires.

Playing many of the extravagantly costumed characters herself, Maclean borrows tropes from fairy tales, children’s television, product advertising, and internet pop videos. The resulting films and installations combine Hogarthian social observation, the political satire of Spitting Image, and the grotesque absurdity of artists such as Cindy Sherman and Paul McCarthy.

Maclean first exhibited at the Zabludowicz Collection in 2014 with a solo exhibition as part of our Invites programme, and now returns for the 2018 Annual Commission show. The exhibition presents three new and recent works – I’m Terribly Sorry (2018), Spite Your Face (2017) and Make Me Up (2018) – each differing in their format, production method and scale. Linking them is the unique way Maclean tackles head-on such timely themes as nationalism, populism, capitalist consumption and gender politics, creating stories and scenarios that lure us in with saccharine seduction before shocking us with moments of brutal intensity.


Courtesy of the artist and Zabludowicz Collection
Photos by David Bebber

Rachel Maclean, Make Me Up, 2018 (still). Courtesy of the artist. © Rachel Maclean 
Rachel Maclean, Make Me Up, 2018 (still). Courtesy of the artist. © Rachel Maclean 
Rachel Maclean, Make Me Up, 2018 (still). Courtesy of the artist. © Rachel Maclean 
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