Case Chiuse HQ, Milan
September 24 – November 13, 2020

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Press release

Robby Müller's solo exhibition Like Sunlight Coming Through the Clouds at Case Chiuse HQ, curated by his Andrea Müller-Schirmer, is held in collaboration with Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. The show reveals a lesser-known part of his work and features vintage Polaroids and a wide range of Polaroid photos as edition prints. The larger format of these prints reveals the incredible details that Müller was able to capture in the instant medium. The works show Müller playing with and exploring the properties of light and colour with a preference for photographs taken at twilight – the ‘blue hour’ – when natural and artificial light meet.

Müller never left home without his camera, and after he had become familiar with Polaroid photography on the set of Alice in the Cities (dir. Wim Wenders) in 1973, the Polaroid camera accompanied him on his travels. He built up an extensive archive of Polaroid images which he took during the rare moments of respite from work. When he was not completely immersed in his day job, he took his Polaroid camera and began capturing the everyday objects he saw around him, such as magically lit hotel rooms, American cars and urban sceneries, abstract patterns in cityscapes and the play of light in motives like trees, flowers and self-portraits. He was always looking for the one particular situation of light or observing the characteristics of reflections.

Alongside the Polaroids, a compilation of images from Claire Pijman’s documentary Living the Light – Robby Müller will be shown. These images from Robby Müller’s private archive give us an insight into his playful way of sensing the light in the world around him. Displayed on a cube TV, the images enhance the atmosphere of the Polaroid world.

Installation view. Photo: Henrik Blomqvist 
Les Iles, L'ile d'Ouessant, Bretagne, 1981 Polaroid SX-70 
La Palma, March-April, 1985, Polaroid 600 inkjet-print fine-art on cardboard 
Baywater Hotel, during ‘Down by Law’, New Orleans, 1985, Polaroid 600 
‘Fool for Love’, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1985 Polaroid SX-70 

Featured image: Robby Müller, Like Sunlight Coming Through the Cloud, installation view, Case Chiuse HQ. Photo: Henrik Blomqvist

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