Tan ligero (So light)


NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona 

May 30 – July 26, 2019

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Press Release

Tan ligero (So light) marks the last iteration of Margins of Ten, an exhibition cycle curated by Rosa Lleó in the gallery’s space in Barcelona. Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’ celebrated film Powers of Ten (1975), it proposes different approaches to the margins of the rational or scientific.

Rodrigo Hernández closes the cycle with something that concerns the laws of physics but that escapes the human, as is the lack of gravity and the idea of floating in the universe. The state of weightlessness is defined as that one in which a body that has a certain weight is counteracted by another force, or remains in free fall without feeling the effects of the atmosphere. It is a state in which physiological functions, such as orientation, are slightly disturbed.

The painting convention from which Rodrigo Hernández most clearly diverges in this series is that of the “composition”, a concept posited by Leon Battista Alberti. In these paintings, perspective, which usually has the function of unifying the elements in a composition is absent – or at least seems intermittent. On the other hand, the celestial space, in principle lacking resolution, returns to the pictorial context in an indefinable one; it is impossible to know its depth or its dimension. The universe, according to this proposal, is the perfect scenario for an arbitrary pictorial arrangement that replaces compositional clarity with spatial imprecision.


Courtesy NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona/Madrid
Photo by Roberto Ruiz

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