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From February 23rd to April 27th



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Press Release

Pivô presents the second version of the group show Roly-Poly , now at the Portuguese non-profit institution Kunsthalle Lissabon directed by the curators João Mourão and Luis Silva. Flora Rebollo, Thiago Barbalho, and Yuli Yamagata’s show was firstly held at Pivô between June and July 2018, as an unfolding of their experience at the residency programme Pivô Research. In Lisbon, the artists will continue the collective process started in the shared studio at Pivô - where the developed part of the works- giving the final touches and producing new works on site.

The project is part of a programme that celebrates Kunsthalle Lissabon’s 10 th anniversary. Pivô is the first guest of partner institutions that will take over the programme of the Portuguese space - from exhibitions to social media. KL departures from the desire to simultaneously inhabit and question from the inside the institutional conditions, working with the ideas of an ideological proximity, a “do-it-yourself” ethics and aesthetics and a practice of close collaboration with the artists as the main cores of its programme, which starts as an open and flexible concept that is gradually articulated, questioned and put in perspective, as the development of each cycle moves forward throughout the year.

The first version of Roly-Poly was the result of exchanges and dialogues established by the artists during their experience in the residency programme Pivô Research in 2017, which continued in a shared studio in 2018 in order to produce the show. The new version, in Portugal, will combine original works that are a critical evaluation of the previous experience at Pivô, reflecting the mutual contamination and influences they shared as well as their singularities.


Yuli Yamagata works with modular structures for the first time (she usually relies on more loose and flexible fabric compositions). For this show, the artist stretched elastane fabrics on wooden structures of 40 x 40 cm presented on the floor, as if creating a kind of topography, or tile modulation. The use of off-white and primary colors nod to modern paintings - i.e Miró, Mondrian or the American color field artists - as well as serve as the structure for ameboid stuffed forms that break the stiffness of the composition.

The floor installation resembles the way Flora Rebollo has previously shown one of her drawings at Pivô, recalling and updating the interaction the artists had at the first version of the exhibition (Yamagata conceived a sculpture in response to Rebollo’s drawing composition).

Flora Rebollo continues her practice with drawing, overlapping different materials - graphite, pastel, markers, crayon, etc - to create organic masses of colors made of the most heterogeneous procedures - from hatching to thick layers of oil stick. Rebollo included new forms to the work’s vocabulary, such as acid colors and star-like shapes, as well as found materials - tape measuring or stickers - and interventions directly on the walls. At KL, the artist made an entirely new work that fills a large wall of the space, which frames the space encompassing Yamagata and Barbalho’s sculptures.

Playing with the notion of scale is also an important part of Thiago Barbalho ’s work: The artist presents a large-scale drawing in which the whole surface is filled with different figurative images (combining cartoonish traces with lysergic patterns and geometric elements ). The same procedure and use of colors are replicated in his new small scale sculptures (made with porcelain clay) that looks as if lysergic jumped out of the drawings.

Pivô@Kunsthalle Lissabon
Exhibition view
Photo: Bruno Lopes

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