Usually when you walk into a show, the first and last thing you remember is the door. I feel like a lot of my earlier work, some people thought it was some parallel to street art. I thought, fuck it, let’s just address it and get it out in the air. In conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
Metro Pictures, NY
In conversation with Venus Lau
We have met Vincent Honoré, curator of BT13, to speak about the concept of GIVE UP THE GHOST, its dialogue with the artistic scene of the Baltic region, its public programs and new commissions, and the catalogue co-published by CAC Vilnius and CURA. Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
in conversation with João Mourão and Luís Silva
Lou Dallas has been ambling around New York City since 2013, though her officious history starts in 2016 with Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week—a first formal showing.
Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome
in conversation with Adriana Blidaru
in conversation with Margot Norton
in Conversation with David Lê
by Liam Gillick
Los Angeles artist Sean Raspet’s work operates with and amongst the determinate systems that influence our world, such as finance and chemistry.
in conversation with Martha Kirszenbaum
A conversation between Alex Israel and Gigiotto Del Vecchio
in conversation with Samuel Leuenberger
in conversation with Elvia Wilk
in conversation with Vincent Honoré
with Pierre-Alexandre Mateos and Charles Teyssou
An interview on the move. It happens on a flight between Beijing and Hong Kong.
Interview with Ryan Gander by Adam Carr conducted in the artist’s home in Saxmundham, UK,…
in conversation with Ben Vickers