Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin

 June 22 – July 27, 2019 

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Press Release

The show aims to enhance the trajectory of a generation testing different roads and reaching unexpected destinations, gathered up on the occasion of this show.

In the creative process of the London based Bea Bonafini, painting, sculpture, drawing and textiles are generated by a vocabulary formed from fragments repetition and missing sections of images. The configuration of elaborate paths makes the viewer’s gaze dwell on the detailed twine of colors and figures resounding long-gone myths and tales.

Coming from a former career as an illustrator, Guglielmo Castelli creates paintings pervaded by a melancholic and suspended atmosphere. Within uncertainty an indeterminacy his characters interact with sinuous backgrounds, and seems to experiment the ups and downs of every human being.

Andrea De Stefani investigates the relation between subject and otherness, sensibility and perception of time, dealing with the influence of the landscape on bodies. His strong commitment to materiality makes his works embrace natural and artificial elements, emphasizing the hybrid-blended feature of reality.

Different aim is the one of Diego Gualandris, whose imaginary originates from fairy tales, mythology, as well as medieval and Christian tradition. In his works, the research of the human essence is carried out by investigating its imagination while creating new narrative dimensions, unveiling the mechanism that rules willingness, belief and self-determination.

Since 2009, Ornaghi & Prestinari duo works between Milan and Venice. The use of different media is employed toinvestigate the concept of transformation, care and repair. Both the accurate refining process and their aestheticattention allows them to create works capable to communicate with the most intimate and fragile dimension of the personality.

Ornaghi & Prestinari, Alice Visentin, Andrea De Stefani 
Bea Bonafini 
Guglielmo Castelli, Alice Ronchi 
Ornaghi & Prestinari 
Andrea De Stefani, Diego Gualandris, Vincenzo Schillaci 

On the other side, Alice Ronchi’s work examines the unknown enfolding the metaphysical sphere, translating in sculpture archetypal volumes that recall monumental architecture. Shapes and refined materials bring the viewer to wonder between a solemn dimension of inwardness and his physicality.

In his paintings, Vincenzo Schillaci uses a technique based on stratifications, whose result is an overlap of layers with a visible interposition of colors and signs. Layer by layer his works become metaphors of the individual related to the sedimentation of the past facing the irruption of the future.

Strongly influenced by nature, Alice Visentin’soil on canvas are painted en plain air. Her subjects are man an woman, often giants whose size is linked to their inner knowledge and wisdom. Some experiences happiness, other suffering, but each character living in her painting emanates a penetrating sense of silent awareness.


Bea Bonafini, Andrea De Stefani, Guglielmo Castelli, Diego Gualandris, Valentina Ornaghi, Alice Ronchi, Vincenzo Schillaci, Alice Visentin

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