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A la recherche de nouvelles geographies
“Atlantis sank in a single day and night
of misfortune”.
So Plato recounts in his Dialogues.
A legendary place that has inspired classic authors and contemporary literature, straddling both myth and reality, Atlantis is the symbol
of the lost civilization and the myth of a past memory, the fabulous time of the origins, and the event that took place in a primordial time.

The Artists
Arianna Carossa
Gabriele Garavaglia
Ignazio Morello (WINNER)
Elisa Strinna
Valentina Vetturi

Ignazio Morello 

The Jury
Lorenzo Bruni (curator)
Giorgio Angella (art collector)
Paolo Canevari (artist)
Giulia Ferracci (curator at MAXXI)
Paola Maina (press office at Birra Menabrea)
Federica Schiavo (gallery director)

Promoted by Untitled Association

The Menabrea Art Prize was founded in 2011 by Untitled Association and Birra Menabrea. The annual award aims to promote emerging Italian artists working with a variety of media – from video to sculpture, and from graphic design to collage – and who are not yet represented by art galleries.
The contest aims to explore a variety of artistic studies and approaches, thus representing a true challenge for all of the participating artists.
For the first four editions, the five finalists and the theme of Menabrea Art Prize had been selected by CURA., media partner of Untitled Association initiatives.

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