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Will the teaspoon in the beer bottle save the world from the Swiss black hole?

“Looking at our present selves from sometime in the future, what image would represent our present world, if a beer bottle were unearthed and analyzed as an archeological relic? And what kind of future can be imagined from our present perspective?

According to philosophers and thinkers of the late 19th century, from Hegel onwards, art seemed capable of expressing the zeitgeist, i.e. the spirit of the times in which it was conceived. If we wish to continue to attribute symbolic and communicative powers to art, then what sort of message would be conveyed by the image of a beer bottle label filed away in the archives of some archeology museum in the distant future?”

Andrea de Stefani 

The Artists
Andrea De Stefani (Arzignano, 1982) WINNER
Maria Giovanna Drago (Milano, 1984)
Michele Gabriele (Fondi, 1983)
Marco Palmieri (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1984)
Serena Vestrucci (Milano, 1986)

The Jury
Marcello Smarrellil (art critic)
Elisabetta Benassi (artist)
Alberto Toffoletto (collector)
Corrado Gugliotta (dealer)
Paola Maina (Birra Menabrea press office)
Danilo Ruggiero (Untitled Association)

Promoted by Untitled Association

The Menabrea Art Prize was founded in 2011 by Untitled Association and Birra Menabrea. The annual award aims to promote emerging Italian artists working with a variety of media – from video to sculpture, and from graphic design to collage – and who are not yet represented by art galleries.
The contest aims to explore a variety of artistic studies and approaches, thus representing a true challenge for all of the participating artists.
For the first four editions, the five finalists and the theme of Menabrea Art Prize had been selected by CURA., media partner of Untitled Association initiatives.

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