curated by Attilia Fattori Franchini
and Felix Gaudlitz

Art at Michael’s Santa Monica, Santa Monica 

Feb 11 – April 26, 2020

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Press Release

Thoughts, Contemplation.

Sometimes I think, whilst considering my own narrative, that maybe I’m the talking-cat, or like, maybe I’m the witch, or maybe I’m only the article, the comma, I’m a supporting character, and that’s a hard thing for my ego to take, because I want to be the hero of the human story, but I’m not. I’m someone that is in the background in regards to survival because I am not really directly supporting survival, I’m just supporting it in a very abstract way, and possibly, at times, not supporting it. Possibly not supporting it, means antagonist? I could be an antagonist but antagonists are imperative for a virus to survive because it makes it stronger.

Milena Büsch, Aria Dean, Hans-Christian Lotz, Laurel Doody Library Supply, Ian Markell, Georgie Nettell, Megan Plunkett, Chadwick Rantanen

Featured Image
Georgie Nettell

Megan Plunkett 
Hans-Christian Lotz 
Chadwick Rantanen 
Installation View 

Courtesy the artists and Art at Michael’s Santa Monica
Photos by Paul Salveson

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