Was formed in 2011 at Goldsmiths College of Art made up of artists Than Hussein Clark, James Connick and William Joys. Working within the language of interior design, architecture and theatre, their work explores the possibilities of how the queer may exist in the present. Performances include Spring 2007: Fall 2007 at Kunsthaus Bregenz; The House of Adeleida Ivanovna at the Edinburgh arts festival (2014); A Summer’s Rest: Je T’Aime Mont Blanc as part of Passing Peaks, the performance project of Liste, Basel (2015). Exhibitions include: The Portshead Garden, Betongalerie, Hamburg (2013); Blue Moon, Mathew Gallery, Berlin (2014); and The Bernard Natan Centre for the Arts, mumok, Vienna (2015). Publications include Repertory 2011-2014, published my Montez Press. Forthcoming shows include the MIT List Centre in spring 2016 and at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne in summer 2016.

cover by Allison Katz