DIS presents:
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Kunsthal Charlottenborg
May 13 – August 16, 2020

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Press Release

The exhibition DIS presents: What Do People Do All Day? shows a selection of spectacular video works from the newly developed video platform as well as cinematic settings and installations that question the future of society – and what we humans do in our everyday lives to influence that future.

Through the medium of film, the video platform aims to convey a range of ideas conjured up by artists, filmmakers and thinkers, all of which posit the future of learning as edutainment. At the exhibition DIS presents: What Do People Do All Day? visitors can experience a selection of films from that highlight DIS’s current fixations: the nature of ‘belonging’ in a rootless, networked world; the advent of suburbia; artificial intelligence; the relationships between technology, vision, and power; and the future of work:

The title What Do People Do All Day? is taken from Simon Dybbroe Møller’s new episodic series, a contemporary update to Richard Scarry’s 1968 children’s book of the same name in which cute animal characters embody their straightforward professions. Simon Dybroe Møller has just been appointed Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Sculpture School in the autumn of 2019 and contributes a new work to the exhibition.

Juxtaposing surface and complexity, past and futurity, pedagogy and art, the exhibition poses this highly pertinent question – what do people do all day? – in order to point out the passivity of our current era and to actively inquire what should be done.


Hannah Black, Derek Larson, Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman, Ilana Harris-Babou, Will Benedict & Steffen Jørgensen, Olivia Erlanger & Luis Ortega Govela, Meriem Bennani, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Theo Anthony, Darren Bader, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Ryan Trecartin, Amalia Ulman, Malte Zander, DIS, and more.

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