Kunsthaus, Grenchen
October 25 – January 31, 2021 

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Text by Claudine Metzger

Yves Scherer (*1987), who grew up in the canton of Solothurn, deals with "celebrity" culture, the tension between public and private space, and the influence of social media on our relationships and projections of the self. In this realm of interest, he creates objects and sculptures as well as digitally produced prints. The exhibition at Kunsthaus Grenchen is Yves Scherer's first institutional solo show in Switzerland. In a site-specific installation, he presents a mixture of new sculptures, digital portraits and objects from recent years.

Candids, the title of the exhibition, refers to the material Scherer prefers to work with: snapshots of "celebrities" taken by paparazzi, as they can be found in large numbers on the Internet. Interested in the image and its functions as well as in social issues, the celebrity culture offers the artist a multi-layered field of inspiration. The cult around the figure of the celebrity exploded in the early 1990s, when models suddenly became superstars to provide material for the broadcasting from the emerging world of private television.

Meanwhile, society seems almost hypnotized by the sight of the cliché which here is presented as "true, real life", so that we "normal people" take the (apparently) so glamorous and perfect existence of the stars as a model. Secretly, we seem to be aware that these pictures are only fiction. At the same time, we like to indulge in the illusion that we can participate in it via the Internet, social media channels, celebrity blogs and television. However, the more we as a collective allow ourselves to be absorbed by this illusion, the more we contribute to the reproduction of fiction and forget to pay attention to the experiences of our own lives. Reflecting on this, Scherer often uses pictures of himself and his own life against images of celebrities which he finds on the Internet. This source material is then processed on the computer and with various digital technologies into sculptures, objects or lenticular prints. As works of art, they make us think about how images shape, influence and change reality, its perception and our actions.

Installation view Candids, 2020. Kunsthaus Grenchen. Photo by Marius Steiger 
Detail view Boy with tree, 2020, Wood, Aqua Resin, Fiberglass, Metal. Photo by Stefan Altenburger 
Lamps (1-3), 2017, Resin, Acrylic Paint, Fluorescent Lights, Gel. Photo by Roman März 
Installation view Candids, 2020. Kunsthaus Grenchen. Photo by Stefan Altenburger 
Installation view Candids, 2020. Kunsthaus Grenchen. Photo by Marius Steiger 
Flowers in December, 2020. Inkjet Print, Plexiglass, Dibond and Lenticular Foil in Artist Frame. Photo by Marius Steiger 

Featured image: Detail view Untitled (Kate), Yves Scherer, 2020, Aluminium Oil Paint. Photo by Marius Steiger

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