Ad Minoliti

warm hole & hot tea

You don’t grow into adulthood, it is mandatory that you do it. You are forced into adulthood in order to be taken seriously.
Age is status, not time.
Children are the future, never the present.
What is it about infancy that its status is not a possibility of existence in the now?
My teacher, artist Diana Aisenberg, questioned in one of her exercises for artists:
What is the threat of childhood?
Ad Minoliti, 2022

In their work, Ad Minoliti lay the cards on the table, cards that have been in our society’s deck for centuries. Man, woman, animal, machine, adult, white, child. These are proven categories that have influenced the normative relationships between all living beings, and which have been echoed in the history of the arts, but also in architecture and the decorative arts. The environments that the artist create – always starting from painting – are possible reinventions, proposals for the reenchantment of all inter-living relationships. For Ad Minoliti, geometry is a formidable tool for venturing into new forms of narration without being encumbered by lyricism.

Warm Hole and Hot Tea, Ad Minoliti’s new exhibition, takes place in two spaces at Crèvecœur: 9 rue des Cascades and 5 rue de Beaune. The artist imagine « what if the paintings live inside the walls » and they explore the political and queer dimensions of childhood as well as the normativity invested in the categories assigned to children. They stage paintings – on canvas -on paintings – on murals – to suggest a total painting experience, recreating a network of homes for animals or children, comforting, warm, domestic, intimate, autonomous. Burrows of fantasy, tenderness, empathy, all skills attributed to children, and found in cartoons, toys, clothing, design and aspects of pop culture, which become totally devalued in adulthood as signs of fragility, immaturity. These are skills to which the artist wishe to give full legitimacy so that they become real political tools.

Ad Minoliti
warm hole & hot tea

Crèvecœur, Paris
5 rue de Beaune
9 rue des Cascades
24.11.22 — 14.01.23

All Images:
Courtesy of the artist and Crèvecœur, Paris
Works: Aurélien Mole
Exhibition views: Martin Argyroglo