Morestalgia is an environment based on sound, text and objects that has as pulsating nucleus a LED screen traversable by the human body. The project stems from a research into nostalgia and its social implications in an age where the internet is encroaching into our lives. It will take the form of a multimedia and multi-sensory work: a hyper-designed object. Bologna Centrale
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Kunsthalle Zurich presents two immersive installations by London-based artist Marianna Simnett (b. 1986). Blood In My Milk, 2018, and Faint with Light, 2016 are Simnett’s most important achievements in her still young career. Simnett’s work is raw and overwhelming. Viewers have been known to faint when visiting her shows. Kunsthalle Zurich
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For Standby Mice Station, with the full alliterative force of his deliberately nonsensical title, the artist has imagined just such an ensemble of new sculptures and images, the latter fashioned in that anachronistic technique of wood marquetry (mostly bygone in art, now more known in the realm of furniture making). at Kunsthalle Basel
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Gagosian, London
Modern Art, London
Gladstone Gallery, New York
Peres Projects, Berlin
König Galerie, Berlin
Text by Massimiliano Gioni
covers by Wong Ping and Stewart Uoo
3 issues from €32
€ 500
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Wyn Evans’s research focuses on language and perception, and is characterized by the use of ephemeral elements such as light and sound, the use of montage as a compositional technique, and the imaginative potential of the word, as well as the centrality of the temporal and durational dimension in the experience of a work. At Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan
Ermes-Ermes, Vienna
Weiss Falk, Basel
Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples
Ramiken, New York
Text by Whitney Mallett
in conversation with Yung Ma