Nothing seems more natural right now than to pay attention to the non-human aspects of life. Actually, it may be because of the virus that we have come to understand life better at the level of microorganisms, like corals. Historically, we have never been pushed to understand non-human forms of life. Text by Chus Martinez. On view: KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin
Text by Francesca Gavin
High Art, Paris
Lafayette Anticipations, Paris
Text by Carson Chan
LAYR, Vienna
Text by Hannah Black

covers by Josh Kline and Oliver Laric

The Resistance Issue
covers by Will Benedict
covers by Wong Ping and Stewart Uoo
covers by Farah Al Qasimi, Jade Kuriki Olivo (Puppies Puppies) and Zadie Xa
in conversation with Ed Fornieles
Text by Penny Rafferty
Text by Margot Norton
in conversation with Alex Quicho