[...] I like the idea of an elevator zooming somewhere through me! So, continuing with my questions about the elements of your work that tend to connect one project to another... In conversation with Courtney Malick
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Tau Lewis’s works seem to evolve from the inside out. It is true that some hold secrets within—buried objects of personal significance that remain unseen on the surface, yet one might sense that they are there—beneath the hollow chest, or behind the painted eyes. Text by Margot Norton
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The exhibition’s title, Grotto, alludes to three large-format pastels depicting caves. From Renaissance paintings of hermits through to Courbet’s The Source of the Loue and, more specifically, The Grotto of Manacor (c. 1901) by the Belgian painter William Degouve de Nuncques, depictions of underground caverns conjure up a wealth of historical and philosophical connotations. Xavier Hufkens, Brussels
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in conversation with Yung Ma
Sultana, Paris
ICA, Miami
Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York
Ramiken, New York
Kunsthalle Bern
covers by Wong Ping and Stewart Uoo
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With his playful interrogation of the post-human, spanning sci-fi manikins and anatomical textiles, fleshy fences and dog sculptures, New York-based Stewart Uoo underscores the ever accelerating commodification of relationality and authenticity. Text by Whitney Mallett
ICA Philadelphia at Kunsthalle Lissabon
Vistamarestudio, Milano
Text by Martha Kirszenbaum
Arsenic, Lausanne
Swiss Institute NY
Text by Tom Engels