Ambra Castagnetti / Group show: About Painting

Galerie Rolando Anselmi

Tauromachia, 2021

Serpentine Series, 2021

Installation view, APHROS, 2021

Ambra Castagnetti: APHROS

 is Ambra Castagnetti’s first solo exhibition in the new gallery spaces Rolando Anselmi in Rome.
Ambra Castagnetti’s practice develops through painting, sculpture and video and aims to represent everyday life, emotions and the different appearances of reality, reflecting the various relationships that natural, animal and human beings establish with life. The exhibited works share the idea of a continuous movement of matter, which outlines the first and embryonic mutation of bodies and the transformations caused by social practices and everyday spaces.
Aphros, a sea-being which personifies foam, gives the name to the exhibition, where matter is continuously changing, resembling the shapeless flow of waves.
At the centre of the gallery space is Tauromachia, a bull’s head shaped bronze that revisits the ancient burial tradition. Adopting the same process of layering matter on the original form, the artist explores new ways of shaping reality and reiterating memory.
The parietal ceramic composed by five panels, Cheree Cheree, shows snake-like figures winding through space to create a composition in which relief, image and matter blend together, giving rise to a sort of murky underground in continuous flow.
On the other hand, the Serpentine Series contradicts the idea of freedom expressed by matter so far, through the constrictions imposed on ceramic by ropes, chains and belts.

Installation view, About Painting, 2021

Group Show: About Painting

In the gallery spaces also About Painting, a group exhibition conceived for the new gallery venue in Rome. Echoing the past Berlin project About Sculpture, the exhibition, which extends over both floors of the gallery, aims to present an articulate overview exploring contemporary painting. The relevance of this medium is examined through the work of nine international artists, diverse in their approaches and techniques, invited to exhibit their personal understanding of the medium itself and to expand the conventional debate around the notion of painting.

The exhibition features works by Theodora Allen (b. 1985, USA), Gianni Di Rosa (b. 1984, ITA), Rachel Howard (b. 1969, UK), Anna Schachinger (b. 1990, AT), Sofia Silva (b. 1990, ITA), Maddalena Tesser (b. 1992, ITA), Patricia Treib (b. 1979, USA), Blair Whiteford (b. 1990, USA) e Wang Zhibo (b. 1981, CN). The exhibition aims to create a narrative space, exploring the relationship between surface and matter, subject and background, sign and depth, in an attempt to show an heterogeneous spectrum of different possibilities and facets within the practice of painting.

Installation view, About Painting, 2021

23 October 2021 – 30 November 2021

Group Show: About Painting
23 October 2021 – 20 December 2021
Theodora Allen, Gianni Di Rosa, Rachel Howard, Anna Schachinger, Sofia Silva, Maddalena Tesser, Patricia Treib, Blair Whiteford, Wang Zhibo

Photo credit: Rolando Anselmi, Berlin | Rome