Black Med

Invernomuto, Black Med, 2021, courtesy of the artists

Black Med is an ongoing research process which takes the form of a new web platform: It is also structured in a cycle of works and events that share its provisional results.

Black Med revolves around theoretical reflections on the Black Mediterranean, with reference to the research of Alessandra Di Maio (University of Palermo), who has used this definition in the context of post-colonial, migratory, transnational and diaspora studies. Invernomuto attempts to intercept the sonic trajectories that cross the complex and stratified Mediterranean area, recording its continuous movements and accommodating the interweaving of its narratives.

The core of the project is an algorithm able to play with the tracks and broadcast an endless stream. The archive consists of music and sounds selected by Invernomuto and a network of contributors (including Paul Gilroy, Rabih Beaini, Donato Epiro, Kareem Lotfy, Ma’an Abu Taleb and other musicians and researchers) that were invited at different stages since the inception of the project; this commission process will also continue after the launch of the website.

Invernomuto, Black Med, 2021, courtesy of the artists

Moreover, the system is open and anyone can upload new sounds into it: the goal is to have a growing archive, a Black Med magma, which evolves constantly. Anyone can contribute to it by uploading an audio file (i.e. song, field recording, loop, sonic interference or weapon), plus related visual content and an introductory or poetic text.

“The algorithm acts as a DJ, selecting audio files from the archive and combining them through a series of instructions. The aim is not, however, that of profiling and controlling the habits of the user (the usual role of algorithmic logic in the digital music domain) but of expanding them, bringing them together, and sharing them in unexpected ways that are constantly redefined. But although in this way, Black Med is configured as an archive, it is an archive in progress that is potentially infinite, that interprets the Mediterranean as a ‘mare magnum’ [literally, vast sea] of heterogeneous sounds and musical influences.”
Andrea Viliani, Pompeii Commitment

The chapter VII of Black Med was exhibited during the 58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennale 2021 curated by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin

Invernomuto, Black Med, 2021, courtesy of the artists

Invernomuto, Black Med, 2021, courtesy of the artists

CREDITS: Project supported by the Italian Council (7th Edition, 2019), program to promote Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Design: La Colonia Studio
Music software programming, sound design: Luca Mucci
Audio software engineering: Fotis Kutsukos
Texts: Mattia Capelletti, Invernomuto
Editing and data entry: Matteo Duccoli
Proof reading: Robert Girardin
Supported by: Fondazione Morra Greco (Naples), Pompeii Commitment.