Meriem Bennani

Cursed Objects

When they turn off the tap,
Will you remember me?
Let me remind you, before you forget:

Your daily routine was to click on mine,
– I was your little solemn mass
(minus the wine) –

Hello, welcome,
Make yourself comfortable,
The camera is on the table,
(Is that true, at your crotch level ?
I’m an amateur, not the devil)

No matter how clean my kitchen is,
You’re only here for the dirt,
It is all you’re looking for,
Domestic erotics and upskirt.

People tried to warn me
About the hatewatch spellbinder,
Who dreamt of putting my head
in my own meat grinder.

Because with me,
What you see isn’t what you get,
She resented me for
misusing common objects.
My only power was suggestion,
And yet I could steal all the attention.

It backfired on me like a slap in the face.

One day my flip flops turned against me,
became a human-fly swatter,
a giant catapult,
a call to order…

One day all of the stuff just woke up,
the coffee maker, the straw, the make up,
Chasing around me like deadly insects.

Beware of cursed objects.

Ayla Mrabet

Meriem Bennani
Cursed Objects

C L E A R I N G 
, Brussels
November 9 – December 23, 2022
All Images: Courtesy the artist an C L E A R I N G
Photos © Benjamin Baltus