Sean-Kierre Lyons

Text by Diamond Stingily

I walked with artist SK Lyons through the park.

We came across several squirrels and a cat asleep in a tree.

We discussed their practice and how it was important to see someone like them, like me or you, even in the image of flowers.

We came across a tiny waterfall and questioned if the water was greener than last year’s.

We then went on to discuss cartoons, the early development of personal image from these animations and if they would ever want to work on a cartoon themselves.

They said maybe.

We talked about folklore and futurism fairy tales.

It started to get cold but we kept walking to stay warm.

Their art isn’t an escape from everyday life but a hyper animated reflection.

We sat on a bench for a while and watched the sunset.

Then it got too cold so we parted ways to go home.

All My Friends Are Dead, 2021

Symphonic Sounds of Freedom, 2021

Prometheus, redacted, 2021

Portrait by Neva Wireko

Sean-Kierre Lyons
Text by Diamond Stingily
Portrait by Neva Wireko
Courtesy: the artist and Larrie, New York

CURA. 38
The Generational Issue

SEAN-KIERRE LYONS (b. 1991, Salinas, CA, USA) lives and works in New York City. Their work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Larrie, Fortnight Institute, Jack Hanley Gallery, NADA Miami; and in group exhibitions such as MoMA PS1’s Greater New York.

DIAMOND STINGILY (b. 1990, Chicago, IL, USA) addresses the materiality and mythology of identity and social class. Stingily’s artistic practice encompasses video, sculpture, and writing, and draws relations between the intimacy of biography and history perceptions.