Book Preview and DJ Set

Antonio Bermúdez Obregón, Nature is not Green

The first edition of SUPERBLAST will conclude on Friday 10 December with the presentation of the eponymous book published by NERO editions. The contributing authors and artists will be present at the event, and the night will come to a close with a DJ set by Pit (Primitive Art).

Edoardo Aruta, La Furia del Dire

‘SUPERBLAST’, from the Latin super-, ‘over’, and -blasto, from the Greek βλαστός ‘seed’, something large, which has yet to be born: this is the premise of the first edition of the artist residency programme promoted by NAM — Not A Museum, an organisation dedicated to free artistic experimentation within Manifattura Tabacchi. First launched in 2021, SUPERBLAST is a project whose expanding network of contemporary artists, scientists, and thinkers holds great promise for future development. SUPERBLAST takes a rhizomatic approach which yields multidimensional results: from the art exhibition at Manifattura Tabacchi to the site, and, finally, the publication of the SUPERBLAST book, published by NERO. The first cycle of SUPERBLAST will conclude with the book presentation, which will also mark the start of preparations for the launch of the programme’s second edition, scheduled for January 2022.

Oliviero Fiorenzi, 4–20 Airmarks 


Caught between an apocalyptic prospect of the future and the inability to imagine an alternative scenario, we find ourselves facing a series of events that are of epic dimensions, yet seemingly invisible. Catastrophes caused by climate change, the crisis of the pandemic, and informational hypertrophy: it is not a matter of putting things in order, but rather of completely reconfiguring the known  – and accepted – way of going about life, which feeds on exclusion, rejection, and dualism. Born from the eponymous international call to arts and inspired by the need to rethink the relationship between humans and nature, the individual and the collective, and nature and culture, the SUPERBLAST book is the published result of an experimental process which united critical thinking with art. Leaving behind the traditional form of the exhibition catalogue, the SUPERBLAST book is the result of dialogues and lively exchanges between authors Bianca Felicori, Xenia Chiaramonte, Tommaso Guariento, Riccardo Papacci, Antonio Perazzi and Domenico Quaranta and participating artists Edoardo Aruta, Antonio Bermúdez Obregón, Federica Di Pietrantonio, IPER-collettivo, Oliviero Fiorenzi and Violette Maillard. It offers a panoply of analytical and speculative written pieces which flow from the poetic imagery of each artistic association. The fractal rhythm of the published edition — which combines research material, photographic documentation, written narratives and theoretical explorations — reflects upon the elusive nature of SUPERBLAST’s theme, providing readers with a candid snapshot of the current state of affairs as seen through the eyes of intellectuals, critics and artists.

Limited copies of SUPERBLAST are available at NERO’s online shop. 


Manifattura tabacchi, Florence
SUPERBLAST | Books Preview and DJ Set
10 December 2021

Photo Credits: Leonardo Morfini