From the unique and privileged point of view of a metaphoric Ferris wheel, that provides a kaleidoscopic perspective on the artworks, WONDERWHEEL explores the aesthetic, symbolic and expressive territory of a new generation of contemporary artists who, rather than playing with ludic concepts, shapes or linguistic structures, are revisiting childhood imagery in their work.

The show features video, painting, sculpture and installation by international artists, some of whom have been presented recently by the Depart Foundation including Petra Cortright, Marc Horowitz, Grear Patterson, Gabriele De Santis, as well as Zachary Armstrong, Martin Soto Climent, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Oliver Laric, Helen Marten, Takeshi Murata, Oliver Osborne, Marco Palmieri, Eddie Peake, Cameron Platter, Jon Rafman, Kyle Thurman and special projects by Francesco Simeti and Ryan Gander.



WONDERWHEEL occupies the length of Nautilus’s lobby perimeter wall, creating a skyline of works, that punctuate the space with unexpected visual interjections of neo-pop, graphic imagery, playful visual texts, pop-cultural impressions and fantasy frameworks.

The exhibition features stylized or “grotesque” masks, monsters, cartoons, characters and caricatures. The use of deliberately naive drawings, stylization, modularity and repetition of signs and shapes, mythological and epic presences, dream worlds and virtual reality, represent what could be defined in the words of the late English art historian John Shearman, “a world of incredible, pleasant and obvious fiction.”

Zachary Armstrong, Petra Cortright, Gabriele De Santis, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Ryan Gander, Marc Horowitz, Oliver Laric, Helen Marten, Takeshi Murata, Oliver Osborne, Marco Palmieri, Grear Patterson, Eddie Peake, Cameron Platter, Jon Rafman, Francesco Simeti, Martin Soto Climent, Kyle Thurman.