CURA. 15

Fall 2013


Jimmy Limit

words by Christopher Schreck

Frederick Kiesler

by Lorenzo Benedetti

Clark House Initiative

by Vincent Honoré

The novel as an exhibition, the exhibition as a novel

by Jean-Max Colard

David Douard

in conversation with Ruba Katrib

The Ptohograhpies


Nicolas Deshayes

in conversation with Isobel Harbison

N. Dash

text by Matthew Higgs

Andrea Büttner

by Cecilia Canziani

Magali Reus

in conversation with Nicoletta Lambertucci

B. Ingrid Olson

text by Andrew Blackley

Fiction on Display

by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk Visual commentaries proposed by France Fiction

Conversation as a Turing Test

by Valentinas Klimašauskas