Sofia Albrigo

#04 by Sofia Albrigo

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The End-to-end encrypted display acts as a gateway. It takes the shape of a glass which was once used as a window in a building in the outskirts of Milan. The glass is supported by a stainless steel foundation plinth, where the new issue of CURA. 41 New World Agency™ is placed with its four different covers.

Sofia Albrigo (born in Rome; she lives and works in Milan) is an Italian architect who has recently established her office. She is teaching as a Lecturer at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio in Switzerland. She conceives architecture as a rigorous act that questions conventions. The main focus of her architecture lies in the creation of space, through which she investigates new ways of living. The studio has a small number of collaborators and projects, believing that quantity is no longer an attribute of our future.

Sofia Albrigo

End-to-end encrypted, 2023
Glass panel on stainless steel support

184 x 100 x 32cm

Price on request