Emanuel Röhss

Location Scout

Language: EN
Dimension: 120 x 200 mm
Pages: 208
Edition of 999 copies
Year: 2016
ISBN 978-88-97889-25-0
€ 15



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Location Scout is an artist book by Emanuel Röhss and has been conceived as part of a project that commenced in early 2015 that addresses the interrelation between the Ennis House (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1924) and the Hollywood movie industry, in particular and the production of pop culture at large.

The book is intended to operate as an artwork in itself, not an index, catalogue or re-iteration of other artwork within Rohss’ Ennis House project, yet its consumption and distribution is that of a book. It contains an array of imagery that the artist has been hoarding as part of his research of the mediation of the Ennis House through movies, TV-shows, music videos, computer games and commercial advertising. The image material is appropriated to form a suggestion for a new narrative, or reading, through it’s juxtaposition within the book. Intertwined with the imagery is a short story written by Rohss. Drawing on the many tales, characters, elements and environments that has used the house as its setting, e.g. films and shows, the artist has re-worked the material, and made both literal appropriations as well as amalgamations of his sources. Himself a protagonist of the story, he features with his girlfriend as intruders breaking into the house, and subsequently both are faced with a number of challenges that they’ve got to overcome in order to unwind the mystery and find the secrets kept by the house…

Under the umbrella of Röhss’ Ennis House project Location Scout has been proceeded by three exhibitions, the initial one at Johan Berggren Gallery (Malmö 2015), followed by The Night Holds Terror at SALTS (Basel, 2015-16) and Invitation to Love at Thomas Duncan Gallery (Los Angeles, 2016), and will be followed by a film produced by the artist in late 2016.

The book will be presented on the occasion
of LA Art Book Fair, Los Angeles
February 11 – 14, 2016
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Conceived and written by: Emanuel Röhss
Designed by: Chan-Young Ramert
Edited by: Lucy Chinen