Home Beirut

Sounding the Neighbors

Language: IT / EN
Dimension: 240 mm x 280 mm
Pages: 324
Edition of 700 copies
Year: 2017
ISBN 978-88-99776-05-3

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The catalogue of the exhibition Home Beirut. Sounding the Neighbors, held at MAXXI in Rome, is the third episode of the museum’s long-term project presenting the art scenes in major metropolitan centers across the Mediter- ranean and Middle East areas. After Tehran and Istanbul, it is now the turn of Beirut. In line with the exhibition, the book published by CURA.BOOKS is structured into four main sections, or “homes,” in order to focus on the memory of recent history, cohabitation of diversity, urban transformation and the search for joy and happiness as the most fundamental elements of con- temporary creations.