Yves Scherer

New York – July 26, 2012

Language: EN
Dimension: 310 mm x 415 mm
Pages: 24

ISBN 978-88-99776-23-7
PRICE: 25€

Year: 2019
Edition of 399

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The artist book “New York – July 26, 2012” plays into the same realm, with a bigger distance though. Here images of Emma Watson stepping out in New York on this very date taken by a Paparazzi we assume are assembled into a print product without any further explanation or texts.

The pictures show the actress and activist in a casual stroll through Manhattan, visiting an art supply store and interacting both with the vendor and the person who is taking the pictures. It’s a seemingly uninteresting sequence of actions, but the title and the fact that you see it in print turn the proceedings into an event. In collaboration with GALLLERIAPIÙ, Bologna