CURA. 24

Winter 2017

A dizzying selection of cutting-edge artists and of influential protagonists of the recent past contribute to this special issue. Conversations, critical texts, historical analyses and special projects surf on the surface of huge waves and of deep seabeds, where they investigate the inner reasons for artistic practices, taking a nuanced perspective.

Yves Scherer’s lenticular series of works present, according to Abaseh Mirvali’s text, “a concatenation of multiple narratives and pre-existing images that make up and transform the society of spectacle as well as the artist.”

Ceci Moss talks with Sean Raspet about the upcoming launch of his brand-new non/food product; Liam Gillick’s 25 questions for Mitchell Anderson open just as many alternate perspectives on the artist’s practice; David Lê and Anna Uddenberg talk about the complex relationship the artist maintains with the “surface” of contemporary visual vocabulary; Martin Hargreaves reads Pablo Bronstein’s work through the multifaceted lens of “camp” culture; Anna Gritz analyzes Stuart Middleton’s recent animation I am just going outside, I may be some time.

Two specially commissioned projects by Zin Taylor and by Eva Papamargariti shed a new light on their personal imagination and conceptual landscapes.

Anthony Huberman, the Pop Up section’s Editor-at-Large, hosts a personal reflection by the writer and curator Robert Snowden, which closely dialogues with a series of photographs on the Vietnam War, collected by artist Lutz Bacher; Lorenzo Benedetti dedicates his portrait in the exhibition space to Walter Hopps, the legendary curator who transformed the panorama of the Californian art scene since the ’60s; Vincent Honoré continues his Icons conversations with Renate Bertlmann, an influential feminist avant-garde artist, who has since the ’70s explored the representation of sexuality and eroticism; João Mourão & Luís Silva are invited by the Guerrilla Girls to visit their solo exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Our beloved HOT! section presents in this issue four emerging artists: Pia Camil (introduced by Frédéric Bonnet); Daiga Grantina (by Stephanie Seidel); Elliot Dodd (by Paul Luckraft); Daniele Milvio (by Attilia Fattori Franchini).

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Yves Scherer

by Abaseh Mirvali


by Anthony Huberman Text by Robert Snowden. Images by Lutz Bacher

Walter Hopps

by Lorenzo Benedetti

Renate Bertlmann

in conversation with Vincent Honoré

Eva Papamargariti


Sean Raspet

in conversation with Ceci Moss

25 Questions for Mitchell Anderson

by Liam Gillick

Anna Uddenberg

in conversation with David Lê

Pablo Bronstein

by Martin Hargreaves

Stuart Middleton

by Anna Gritz

Zin Taylor


Guerrilla Girls

with João Mourão & Luís Silva

Daiga Grantina

by Stephanie Seidel

Elliot Dodd

by Paul Luckraft

Pia Camil

by Frédéric Bonnet

Daniele Milvio

by Attilia Fattori Franchini