CURA. 34

The Resistance Issue
Summer 2020

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In a period of transition, loss of horizons, rethinking of known schemes and expectations, between trying to catch up with digital acceleration and dealing with a content overload, CURA. translates the vocabulary indicative of this new decade by republishing a thoughtful selection of contributions from its archive.

The future is made up of fragments of the past, and these fragments are the working tools to invent the future – Erwin Panofsky

With an anthology of selected features, THE RESISTANCE ISSUE translates a feeling of resilience, which puts the need for a rethinking of the emerging world before the anxieties of our time, in which to redefine the scale of values, roles and rules, times and priorities. The issue also comes with eight modular covers, designed by STUDIO YUKIKO (Berlin), and a special poster inside.